Mantigue Island

Mantigue is a small island located about 3.5 kms off the coast of Camiguin Island (source: Mantigue). Getting there is a 15-20 minute boat ride on a clear day.  The boat ride goes for a maximum of 6 passengers (8 all including the 2 people who maneuvers the small boat)

Fare is P600 ($12). You can get there through San Roque in Mahinog or through Benoni Port. On peak season, the local government regulates the stay on the island for 4 hours. Succeeding hours will cost you P50 / $1 per hour. I guess it was managed that way to avoid having too much crowd at the island.

Mantigue is a paradise for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. The beach is clean and vegetation also thrives, providing shelter when it gets scorching hot. It also features a mini forest with a trail where you can explore and take a leisurely walk among the trees.  A few locals are still residing on the island although they have been requested to relocate to Camiguin. BGut after visiting this pretty place, I understand why they wouldn’t want to leave.



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